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We are a company created under the thinking and customer need more than 11 years ago, in order to simplify some of the daily tasks of our day to day, which means we sacrifice much of our free time
In cleaning services miami, we solve questions like:
 I need a housekeeper … who do you trust ?.
The kitchen, bathroom, windows, etc. are indecent … where I take the time and inclination to clean ?.
I just made a reform … how I remove all the dust and dirt? …
Warranty our team work throughout the Community of Miami,Broward  and west palm Beach an, so do not worry more and you can have at your disposal a team of professionals willing to work in the most thorough and efficient to meet your needs.
And of course, do not forget that the professionals who form this company, we have been and clients in work circumstances and personal, so our main goal is to provide top quality service. Hence the fruit harvested throughout the years have gotten a satisfied and loyal work and dedication to our customers.

What We Do

  • Easy, Simple Cleaning.

    Miami Cleaning Services takes the guessing game out of every possible cleaning job. From restaurants to bedrooms we handle all types of cleaning jobs.

  • Residential Services

    We provide the Fastest, Easiest and most cost effective solutions for Residential Cleaning in all Miami Dade, and Broward County.

  • Commercial Cleaning

    Do you need fast reliable cleaning for your business, warehouse or office space. Contact us today, save, money & time. Plus trust that the job will be done right and efficiently.

  • Affordable Cleaning

    Our hourly rates are unbeatable by almost any other company in Miami. We provide Fast, Efficient, and Awesome cleaning solutions for almost all kinds of locations.

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